1. Sophie's Walk for Vasa Previa - Claudia and her family organized a 5 km walk on Sunday October 1, 2006 in her local community to raise money and awareness on vasa previa. We honoured Matthew in such a beautiful way...Click here for the whole story.

2. Walk raises awareness, cash for rare condition. You may never have heard of vasa previa, but a Woodbridge resident hopes to change that. Click here for the whole story. Sophie's Walk for Vasa Previa was held on Sunday October 7, 2007: "Sophie's Walk in Toronto honors two precious vasa previa angels, Matthew and Katarina Krznaric."

3. Claudia and Mike at the 2007 Baby/Toddler Show - as exhibitors speaking to expectant moms on vasa previa. Click here for more.

4. Sophie's Walk for Vasa Previa - October 4th, 2008: For the second year in a row, Mike and Amanda Krznaric hosted the walk. Click here for the whole story.

5. The SOGC has put out a new guideline for vasa previa (August 2009).


1. Story of Matthew in the official IVPF site. There are also other vp angels in this section of the website.

2. A very good newspaper article to read, the title says it all: "What it means to grieve, from those who know".

3. From the Twinless Twin Support Group. An article called, "Parents of Twins - Death of a Twin":


4. An interesting article on where our money goes...

Malpractice costs soar, you get the bill
(Doctors' lawyers get big financial boost from taxpayers, but what about patients?)

5. Ontario was only screening newborns for only 2 disorders whereas other provinces were testing for up to 27...

Ontario to screen newborns for more diseases

6. Moms-to-be should read this article:

Codeine can turn toxic in nursing mothers

7. More information on vasa previa through iParenting:

Inside the Lifeline - Huggies from iParenting

8. A family's personal story on "remembering our babies":

"Remembering Our Babies:" To the ones we've lost


Many friends have recommended the following books to me. I'm in the process of reading them. I recommend them for anyone that is overcome by anxiety or pain. These books share stories of courageous people who triumph in difficult situations. The stories are inspiring and give hope, no matter how difficult things may get.

- Life Touches Life: A Mother's Story of Stillbirth and Healing by Lorraine Ash

- A Quiet Courage: Inspiring Stories from All of Us by Paula Todd

- When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner

- The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren