In May of 2004 my husband and I found out we were expecting twins. We were surprised, nervous and extremely happy. I had a miscarriage a couple of months before and felt blessed not only to be pregnant again but to be carrying twins! Due to the miscarriage, I took every possible precaution from the start. I have to admit besides some small complications in the first trimester, my pregnancy was picture perfect. It was the happiest time of my life. I was so excited about being pregnant but especially because I was carrying twins. We were the first in our families and thought we were so blessed. In the second trimester I found out they were two boys but did not tell a soul as my husband wanted to be surprised. Even after having a baby shower, I secretly bought a few baby boy clothes and hid them from my husband so he would not find out the sex of the babies. Starting in the fifth month, I could feel the babies kicking and moving, especially Twin A, Matthew. He was the bigger and stronger baby and was positioned lower. I could always feel his movements much more than Twin B, Steven. I could even pick up Matthew's heartbeat with a Doppler I rented.

Ultrasound at 14 weeks

Ultrasound at 31 weeks

During the second trimester I became concerned about the was my OB/GYN was treating this pregnancy. She was not giving me the attention and care I wanted. Having had the miscarriage and now carrying multiples made me very uneasy. However, this doctor's attitude throughout my prenatal care was nonchalant. Because I looked fine on the outside she decided to treat this pregnancy as a singleton.

I asked her several times about having extra tests and visits but she said "no". Everything I researched on pregnancy and multiples and stated that one is considered at high risk because there could be double the complications. Thus, this was not a normal pregnancy because a normal pregnancy involves only one baby. I mentioned this to my doctor but was told that I was not high risk. Not pleased with this I wanted to leave and wanted a physician who would support my emotional needs. I requested to be transferred to a very well known downtown high-risk birthing centre but was refused the chance and was told that nobody would take me seriously for a request like that. She discouraged me from leaving and kept saying everything was "normal". She made me believe everything was fine. When it came time to deliver, I was told to delivery natural as Twin A, Matthew, was already head down. My concern was not so much Twin A but Twin B, Steven, who was breached. I was open to a c-section and brought it up many times but was told that since the babies were in different amniotic sacs a vaginal delivery was best, that it was "safer for the mother and a faster recovery". I was not happy with these decisions but I put my trust in this doctor, thinking she was the 'professional' and knew best. I took every possible precaution to ensure a healthy pregnancy and even left work six weeks prior to the due date to stay off my feet.

Pregnant during the third trimester