Support Groups:

The International Vasa Previa Foundation has a section with frequently asked questions/answers on vasa previa:

The IVPF has a support group through email connection specifically for families who have experienced a loss due to vasa previa or that have been diagnosed and have, as we like to call them, miracle babies:

PBSO provides support services to parents across Ontario. They have several locations and volunteers.
Parents share stories and grieve together:

Multiple Births Canada and Multiple Births Families have many resources for parents who have lost one or more of their multiples. There are bereavement support links that discuss the grieving stages and stories of others who are coping with a loss:



Informative Topics:

This link has great graphics on the Internet. It shows so clearly how disasterous vasa previa can be. One is for multi-lobed placenta, the other is velamentous cord insertion. However, the information is only provided in French: