This is the story of our beautiful baby son Matthew who died during labor and delivery

January 12th, 2005 was the day our angel was born sleeping


Matthew's footprints

A child that loses a parent is an orphan.
A man who loses his wife is a widower.
A woman who loses her husband is a widow.
There is no name for a parent that loses a child,
for there is no word to describe the pain.

- Author Unknown -

We always hear your heartbeat
Click on the image to listen to Matthew's heartbeat

"Matthew died to vasa previa, a condition that is not well known but is more common than people
think. I want women to understand the risks so that they can be spared the pain that our family has gone through. If I can save at least one baby from this 'silent killer', than I am glad I can be the voice!"
Matthew's Mommy - Claudia
We love you and miss you dearly Matthew. Love Mommy and Family XOXOX


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