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We lost our baby boy to Vasa Previa almost 6 weeks ago. I have read your story and the feelings that you feel are so like the things I feel. It really is horrendous, the emptiness is enormous and at times my life feels like it has no meaning. However I have just looked at your beautiful photographs and I can see that throughout all the pain that you are surviving and that is a big help.

Both of your sons are beautiful. May Matthew be resting in peace along with my son Alfonso and I'm sure one day we will see our babies again.

All the best for the future
Laura Mongiovi, ENGLAND
Mom to Alfonso Giovanni Charles Mongiovi born on 25/06/06 @ 11.29am departed this world peacefully just 22 minutes later.

- August 2, 2006 8:54:37 AM

Claudia, After I got your email, I saw your website- it definitely brought tears to my eyes. You have done a wonderful job putting that together to help other parents. I am sending the link to your website to all my friends.


September 22, 2006 9:39:26 PM

Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure you are helping so many women and their babies.

It has really helped me prepare to ask my OB some questions. My last delivery, although a single, has some small similarities to yours, although I don’t really know if they were medically similar. I do know my baby‘s heartbeat was alarmingly low by the time I got to the hospital and that I had an emergency c. I arrived at the hospital a little before 3pm and the baby was taken within 30 minutes later. I don’t even know if it was a vertical or not. In my case, they got to him in time (the spinal block had not taken place and I felt the first half of the C and screamed the entire time). My doctor told me, “Sara, you’re going to be fine, but this baby has got to come out NOW.” The pathology of the placenta and cord, as explained to me by my doctor, indicated a tear and “cord compromise.” I am now going to ask many more questions specifically about what was found, as I am pregnant with my 3rd (4th pregnancy, miscarried last pregnancy due to blighted ovum) and am suffering from an SCH. My OB is taking my situation very seriously, and I’ll be having my 5th ultrasound this Friday at the high risk maternal fetal medicine center. You have really helped me in developing further questions and in educating me about conditions I was unaware of.

Thank you again so much for your site. You are very strong and special person.


September 25, 2006 10:22:38 AM

Your story, losing a twin right at birth, touched my heart. I went to your website, and just sat there and starred at the picture and the
poems for quite a while. How does something like that happen??!! I don't understand how come things happen the way they do -- you losing a twin, me losing a son at 3.5 months to SIDS, others with gut-wrenching stories of loss as well. Grief is such a process -- a lifelong process -- and unless losing a child has happened to you as an individual, you can't know how difficult it is. I hope you've been
able to get some support from strong places. We are now very close friends with two other families who lost sons to SIDS -- all of us
having our losses within 9 months of each other. Our friendships with those families are so close, so understanding, and will last a life
time I am certain.

Hugs to you, Claudia. I am happy you have a new baby daughter now, too!

September 25, 2006 11:36:34 AM

I'm just now seeing that you wrote in my son, Eric James Tucker's guestbook. I read Matthews memorial & he was born on my son Jeffrey's birthday. Jeffrey was born 19 months after Eric died. It has been 36 years that Eric died but the pain never goes away. Anytime you want to have a cry on someones shoulder that knows exactly how you feel please write me. Beleive me I still cry about my precious little boy.

Connie Tucker
Mama to angel Eric James Tucker 5-21-70 8-26-70

Wed, 11 Oct 2006 16:09:21 EDT

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and for sharing your story about Matthew. It should fill your heart to know that he contiues to touch peoples lives because of you. God bless you and your beautiful family.
Mon, 06 Nov 2006 02:52:40

I just spent more than an hour reading about your precious Matthew. There are no words that I can say that can bring him back or even make you feel better. I just want to say that you’re are doing the right thing in pursuing legal actions against the doctors involved in your case. No parent should have to go through this.

I saw your post on the Yahoo SCH group, which I am also registered since we found out my wife’s SCH. It was a scary experience for us but thank God, our son was born on 11/28/06 without any complications. Thanks to all the members at that group, we were able to cope with SCH. I’m sure many members will miss you there after you leave but your contributions will always remain there for others to read.

Steven and Erica are lucky to have you and your husband as their parents. But they are even more blessed to have Matthew as their angel watching over them.


December 8, 2006 5:51:03 PM


Dear little Matthew,
Your cousin Nicolas, Zio Dom and myself would like to wish you a Heavenly Christmas. I think of you all the time. Your brother Steven is a wonderful boy and your sister Erica is so beautiful. I know you will watch over them. We all miss you dearly.
Lots of hugs and kisses for you Matthew.
Your loving tia, Michelle

December 23, 2006, 6:30 AM

Dear Matthew,
Wishing you a heavenly 2nd birthday! May the angels in heaven be holding you and loving you. We think and talk of you all the time.
We miss you!
Tia Michelle and family

January 12, 2007


My beautiful son Matthew,

I haven’t written in your guestbook since your last birthday. The first year after your passing was very difficult. I was so happy with your brother Steven but grieving so much over you. This second year has also been difficult but time is helping us heal. I am coping with your death better but remember you always. With the arrival of your little sister Erica this past summer, your Mommy has been very busy at home. I watch your brother and sister play and laugh, and they are growing so fast…I just wish you were here with them. I know you are always watching over us. Not only do I believe in this but you let me know this in many ways, especially through my dreams. And they are such beautiful dreams. You never speak directly to me but there’s no need to because your message comes very clear. Through these dreams you have given me a glimpse of where you are and you have given me comfort knowing that you are in peace. If it is Heaven and I believe it is, then it is truly glorious. It is hard to explain in words but to best describe it, it is the most beautiful place imaginable, full of warmth and calm and it is a feeling I have never experienced before. This feeling of pure and unconditional love is the most wonderful feeling in the world that fills my heart.

We will celebrate your brother’s birthday with as much joy and love as possible never forgetting that you would also be celebrating your second birthday right by his side. I love you so much my son…

Love, Mommy Claudia and Family XOXOX

January 12th, 2007

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