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Thank you for sharing your angel Matthew’s journey. It is wonderful that you have the courage to share this very tragic story to educate pregnant women about Vasa Previa. Although I have heard of placenta previa, I had never heard about vasa previa.

Feb 6, 2007
Kindest Regards,
Tammy Clark
Jenna (Feb 17/02 – Nov 22/02 ) – Medium Chain Acyl Co-A Dehydrogenase Deficiency (MCADD)
Ontario, Canada


Your story really touched me. I gave birth to twin girls on Feb 17, 2005. I had a horrible pregnancy. Bleeding early on. Diagnosed with low-lying placenta. Having a doctor that was going to let me deliver in a hospital without a nicu. I asked to be switched. On my first visit with the new doctor I went into preterm labor. They chalked it up to a twin pregnancy and being high risk. I kept saying please check baby B. I don’t feel her move as well as baby A. At deliver they found velamentous insertion on baby B. They never told us. Never put them in nicu or a nursery-had them in the room with me for the three days. When I brought them home-I could tell something was wrong with her. My husband mentioned to me that she had been taken out in a blanket without the sac broken and brought back into the room later. I asked about it at my six week checkup and was nonchalantly told –Oh the umbilical cord was in the wrong spot. After repeated trips to the pediatrician -4 mos later-my daughter is diagnosed with Agenesis of Corpus Callosum and Cerebral Palsy. My heart goes out to you and I understand how special twins are.

Feb 22, 2007
Catherine Caceres


I was just trying to find a sight on twin loss and came upon yours. My husband and I had twin girls in July 26, 2001, born 8 weeks too
soon. Emma was twin A 5lbs and Alexa twin B 3lbs. Emma was very sick as soon as she was born, loss of oxygen, due to her placenta.
She lived for 41 days and it was the most trying time in our life, Alexa fortunately survived and at 5 1/2 is doing great, no
complications. I just wanted to express my sympathies with you and that I can relate. I have never really found anybody that wants to
listen and even after this long, there is not a day goes by that I don't think of her. Alexa knows she is a twin and that Emma is an
angel in heaven. She has lots of questions and is very eager to know, we show her pictures and try to explain as gently as we can
when questions are asked. We have since had 2 more children Bailey 3 and Shea 16 months, but no other child can ever or will ever replace Emma.

Thinking of you with prayers.

Feb 28, 2007
Mother of Twin Emma
Paula Henderson
New Brunswick, Canada

Good day,
My name is Cynthia and I am 25 years old. I read your story in the Le Club section on the . I was so touched by your story and the beautiful website dedicated to Matthew's memory. Although i have never been personaly affected by vasa previa nor do i know anyone who has, your story mooved me greatly.

I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know that my prayers and thoughts are with you and Matthew. Also to applaud you in writing your story and applaud your efforts in trying to raise awareness about this vasa previa. Matthew's very short time on this earth and his passing has not been in vain. God had a plan for Matthew as he does for your other son.

Cynthia Ciavarella
Health and Safety Supervisor / Superviseure Santé-Sécurité
Oct 18, 2007

Dearest Son Matthew,

We love you and miss you. Wishing you were here to celebrate you're 3rd birthday with your brother...but we know that you are with us in spirit. We think you are the most special boy and angel in this world! Rejoice on your special day. Laugh, play and sing in Heaven on your birthday as you know that we honour and remember you always. You will never be forgotten. Until we meet again.

Thinking of you today. I love you so much.

Love, Mommy and family XOXOX
January 12th, 2008


Claudia y Dominic.

Les escribo desde Guadalajara, México; encontré su página investigando acerca de la inserción velamentosa del cordón umbilical. Primero que nada quiero decirles que el plasmar su experiencia y compartirla aún cuando esta es tan dolorosa, para informar y ayudar a prevenir que otras parejas pasen por lo que ustedes, es admirable; les reconozco, les agradezco y les bendigo.

Tengo 14 semanas de embarazo, son gemelos, (monocorial y biamniotico) el diagnóstico a este tiempo ha sido que el crecimiento fetal es armónico, solo que uno de mis bebitos presenta inserción velamentosa y al leer esto en el reporte que le envía el laboratorio a mi ginecóloga me dí a la tarea de investigarlo antes de mi cita para informarme y saber que debo preguntarle. Tengo muchas dudas y confieso que también temor, pero debo tener Fe que como dice en su página esta situación detectada a tiempo puede prevenir cualquier tipo de riesgo. Mi Ginecóloga desde el inicio de mi embarazo y al saber que eran gemelos no vaciló en decirme que tendría que ser cesárea por protección de los bebitos y mía, pero ahora con esta información que tengo en gran parte gracias a ustedes no dudaré en preguntarle sobre su experiencia en estas situación y si es necesario que me refiera a un especialista en partos múltiples y como lo mencionas Claudia, tampoco dudaré en si sus respuestas no me satisfacen, en pedir otra opinión.

Les comparto que pido mucho a Dios que mis chiquitos estén bien, ha sido una bendición en mi familia esta noticia, nos ha traido mucha alegría después de tanta pena, pues hace un año perdimos a mi hermano Rogelio en un accidente de carretera y la recuperación ha sido muy dificil pues no porque él yá no esté salen sus virtudes, en vida fué reconocido como un buen hombre, era un hijo, hermano, esposo, papá y amigo especial. Les comparto esto pues he visto sufrir tanto a mis papás que duele tanto como la ausencia de mi hermano, asi que puedo entender por lo que ustedes han pasado, porque Matthew por pequeño como dice en su página fué una gran pérdida, pero a pesar de su corta vida fué bendecido al tener unos papás como ustedes y bendecido también pues en su nombre muchos bebitos tendrán una oportunidad, gracias a su información.

Nuevamente les doy las gracias y me pongo a sus órdenes si en algo puedo colaborar.

Agosto 10 de 2008


Claudia and Dominic,

I came across your website by chance. I am studying to become a Doula and was doing some research on placental and umbilical cord conditions (namely vasa previa and velamentous). Thank you for sharing your story and pictures. I sit here with tears and a lump in my throat for you and your family. I am so sorry you had to go through such a terrible situation. I am a mother to 4 (I have a Steven as well). My daughter Tori we almost lost as we found after she was born that half of her placenta was clotted - a sign that it was detaching - in retrospect the sudden pains I had a few weeks before delivery that never were investigated by my OB I am certain was this. Luckily it held and the largest problem I had was waiting over an hour for the placenta to detach fully. I atleast was holding my baby at this point.
G'osh, I can so easy feel how you felt the moment your boys were born. The thoughts and feelings you must have had are painstaking. I wish this birth had turned out different. I find this story very heavy on my heart and yes you are a stranger but as a mother I couldn't bare it. You're a very strong person and your children are lucky to have you :)

Study break is in order - can't focus now anyway. Thanks Matthew :) I will never forget your story and will never overlook these conditions again....definitely will help someone at some point I am sure.

Best Wishes,
Ontario, Canada
October 6, 2008


My beautiful son Matthew:
Today you would have turned 4 years old. I can only imagine how you and Steven would be playing and laughing during the 'batman theme' birthday celebration party we're having. Steven and Erica are so beautiful and intelligent, I know you'd be exactly the same. Although the kids are still small both Steven and Erica know who you are and recognize your picture, they know you're their brother in Heaven. It's hard to explain to a 4 year old and a two and a half year old what Heaven is like but they know that's where people who die are with Jesus. We will soon welcome another little son, your baby brother, who will be a wonderful addition to our family. Steven is very excited and Erica too! I hope you can see how much your daddy and I love all of you. I miss you and think of you each day.

Like a rose-bud touched by an early frost
You were frozen in time.
Yours dreams lost
Like autumn leaves
Scattered on life's highway.

Sorrow's well of tears is all dried up.
There are no words left
To adequately express
How much I miss you
And wish that you were here.

~from an obituary

Love, Mommy Claudia

January 12th, 2009



hoy me he puesto a buscar informacion en internet de vasa previa y he leido vuestra pagina.el 12 de marzo ingresaba en el hospital con una fuerte hemorragia ya era la tercera,pero con la diferencia q esta vez ya estaba fuera de cuentas,con 4 de dilatacion asi q como todo se suponia q iba bien me pusieron la epidural y me llevaron para hacerle el ph al niño en ese momento tuve otra hemorragia y como todo se empezo a torcer,decidieron hacerme una cesarea.cuando me desperte al rato vinieron a comunicarme q el niño le habia faltado el oxigeno,y tenia muerte cerebral.todo tu mundo en ese momento se desmorona,se supone q tenia q ser el dia mas feliz de nuestras vidas y no haciamos mas q llorar y preguntar q nos habia pasado.tuve otra hemorragia y esta vez mi vida corrio peligro fue en ese momento cuando los medicos,buscaron la placenta q ya habian tirado a la basura,la estendieron en una sabana y vieron q una de las arterias estaba mal implantada,se mando analizar al patologo y confirmo vasa previa y no se q velamentoso.nunca habiamos oido hablar de eso.he leido sintiendo la perdida y no he dejado de llorar recordando a gorka,mi pobre niño vivio solo dos dias en esos dias yo estaba muy mal pero algo me daba fuerzas y en una silla de ruedas subia a verle era guapisimo era un bebito tan deseado q pienso q no es justo q estas cosas ocurran.todas las ilusiones q teniamos se han desvanecido y la familia y los amigos tratan de animarnos q somos jovenes q ya tendremos otro nene,pero ya le tenimos y por no haber sido dianosticada a tiempo mi bebe no esta con nosotros.el fue concebido por una inseminacion porque despues de intentar quedarme embarazada durante años no lo consegimos.ahora tengo q esperar q pase un año para poder someterme a otro tratamiento.

April 18, 2009
Bilbao, Spain


I just stumbled across your site, and I wanted to send my sincere condolences for your loss. A good friend of mine had a similar loss this week. She was scheduled to deliver via c-section at 8am on Thursday. At 5am, she saw a gush of blood. As fate would have it, her baby girl died just 3 hours before she would have been delivered....all from vasa previa. It's beyond tragic.

I've been researching this condition, and I noticed my current pregnancy has several risk factors: uterine surgery, IVF pregnancy, etc.

My OB has no intention of checking me for this condition...but after what happened to you, as well as my friend, I will insist it at all costs. I know the odds are still low that I have it, but knowing a simple diagnosis means the differerence between survival and mortality....I won't rest until my doctor grants me these tests.

Thank you for sharing your story, and for helping to build awareness of VP. Because of your openness, you are going to help many families avoid such a terrible loss. I certainly wish things had ended differently for you, and I believe Matthew is now a guardian angel over his siblings, and will help protect them throughout life.

Thank you again, and best of luck to all of you,
November 1, 2009


I am from Australia and my sister in law has sent me your link, I am sitting here crying as I read your story about your little boy
Matthew. I lost my daughter Alyia on the 23/11/09 and everything you describe the pain is exactly how I feel. I miss her everyday and get
up and kiss her photo, I wish I was kissing her little cheek. Doctor has told us that Alyia passed due to this Vasa Previa, Alyia was and
IVF baby, we wanted her so bad and we could not wait to meet her. I have a little girl Isabella who is turning 4 and she always would wish
she would have a sister, I hope one day I can grant this wish for her.

I want to try again next year as now I really cannot even look at a baby and not cry, I always think how it would have been if my little
angel was alive..

I just wanted to say thanks and it such a shame people have to lose precious little ones for these doctor to take note and start doing
more testing....

Again I love your website, I would like to join the support group on line although it does not allow me for some reason...

My best wishes for you and your family.

December 26, 2009

My dear son Matthew,
Hi Matty (I like calling you that sometimes). We wish you a happy 5th birthday in Heaven. Hope you like all the spider-man decorations we placed on your grave. We think about you and miss you everyday. Steven enjoyed all his spider-man balloons, gifts and cake of course! He's in kindergarden and loving it. Erica and Alexander are also doing great. It is so much fun having the three of them at home. I often sit back and imagine how you would be at 5. I imagine how you would play, laugh and enjoy life with your siblings. We do know that you are watching over us. Thank you for being such a wonderful guardian angel. I know that you have been there for us in spirit. Thank you son.

When all is still and silent
And sleep forsakes my eyes,
My thoughts are in the silent grave
Where my dear child lies.
Too dearly loved to be forgotten.

We love you and miss you. Love, Mommy XOXOX
January 12, 2010

I found your site after reading about a fellow mother who recently lost her daughter to vasa previa. I searched the term, as I'd never heard it before, and one of the first sites I saw was yours. I was devastated while reading it, but was so glad to see pictures of your family. It has been some time since the loss of your son, but I must say that I was releived to see that you were able to continue to grow your family after his passing. You have a beauutiful family and I and surely many other mothers and mothers-to-be are very grateful that you have shared your family's story.

Many blessings,
Wed, 7 Jul 2010

Estimados Sres:
He encontrado su página web buscando información sobre la vasa previa. Lamento mucho la pérdida de su hijo, yo también perdí al mio por el mismo motivo el 10 de mayo de 2010. Me parece increíble que esa información lleve desde el 2004 en internet y yo nunca hubiera oido hablar de ese mal. Me siento abrumada por el dolor que sufro por la pérdida de mi precioso hijo. Siempre he sido una mujer fuerte, alegre y optimista y además, tengo una niña maravillosa de 3 años, un marido al que adoro , hermanos, padres y amigos que me quieren y por los que sigo mostrandome fuerte y alegre. Intento no pensar en lo que ocurrió y seguir adelante ya que no saco nada estando triste y reviviendo el pasado, mi hijo nunca volverá. Pero tengo momentos de gran tristeza y me atormenta no haber pedido más opiniones durante mi embarazo que podrían haber salvado la vida de mi bebé. También me siento mal porque cuando desperté de la anestesia y me dieron la fatal noticia no quise ver a mi hijo ni cogerlo en brazos. Pensé que ya no estaba en su cuerpo y que no podría superar su visión. Ahora desearía haberlo abrazado y besado y decirle cuanto deseaba que se quedara con nosotros, cómo lo queríamos su hermana, su padre y yo.

Sé que está en el cielo con sus abuelos paternos que lo cuidan, pero no entiendo porqué se tuvo que marchar.
Salir del hospital con las manos vacías fue la experiencia más dolorosa de mi vida.

Han pasado casi cuatro meses y estoy a punto de cumplir 41 años. No sé si volver a intentar quedarme embarazada o dar gracias por mi niña y olvidar el tema.

Espero que el dolor de ustedes se haya mitigado después de estos años y que Steven les esté colmando de alegrías.
Gracias por escucharme

(Islas Canarias - España)
Thu, 26 Aug 2010

Soy Laura (argentina) madre de Juliàn, mi primer y unico hijo, quien murio el 09/08/2010 por "hipoxia", esa fue la unica respuesta que nos dieron a mi marido y a mi, porque no encontraban otra, a un bebè que era de siete meses de 2,200 kg. pero completamante sano al igual que la madre.
A pesar de mi shock emocional, algo me iluminò a pedir una autopsia de mi bebè, y en el anàlisis de placenta realizado por la misma clinica donde nacio Juliàn aparece "insercion velamentosa de cordòn".
Todavia debemos reunirnos nuevamente con el obstreta, porque no nos vamos a quedar solamente con que fue una anomalia en el cordon umbilical, necesitamos saber màs...

Desde ya muchas gracias

Buenos Aires
Fri, 3 Sep 2010 at 15:29


hola ,mi nombre es adriana , te cuento q por casualidad buscaba por internet un nombre para mi futuro bebe q creo sera varon, y me encontre con tu historia muy triste por sierto llore mucho y de corazon lamento tu perdida , el nombre de tu bebito me encanta y queria q supieras q mi bebe tendra ese nombre si es un varonsito , q dios tenga en su gloria a ese angelito y te de la fortaleza para seguir adelante con tu otro hijo ,imagino q esta enorme , tambien pienso q lo de tu bebito fue negligencia de la doctora ,pues uno de madre presiente las cosas y nunca atendio tus miedos , se q ha pasado tiempo y perdoname si removi tu dolor pero queria escribirte ya q no saco de mi cabeza tu historia ,tengo casi 3 meses de embarazo y estoy feliz ,pidiendole a dios nunca me deje sola ni a mi ni a mi bebito , un abrazo de corazon para ti y tu esposo hasta luego.y miles de bendiciones para tu familia .

Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010

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